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The unreachables

It’s a rare meeting, pitch, or roadmap that doesn’t involve “reaching millennials”. The term, coined in 1987, was meant to refer to people coming of age in the new millennium – originally those of us born circa 1982. Most sources still define millennials as born within a twenty-year period beginning in the early 80’s. This may […]

What’s in a name? Experts weigh in on challenges of rebranding.

A dive into rebranding – cover story from New Orleans City Business leading with my Lucid rebrand. I’d link, but it’s 100% paywalled. Short take: it takes a lot of self-knowledge to rebrand really well. Article by Natalie Chandler. Originally published in NOCB on July 28, 2016. Things had become a bit confusing at Federated […]

Do Not Touch

Just back from CES, the massive electronics/tech show in Vegas. I was walking through the 3D printing exhibits (still cool to see) and noticed one company had a whole shelf of beautifully made items front and center – with a large sign saying “Please Do Not Touch”. Most of the other booths were full of […]

Get a map

So you’re making a change. It takes guts. Good for you. You don’t need to leap into the great unknown. Slow down and listen to yourself. Where do you want to go? This isn’t an epic question, like the old interview q  “Where do you see yourself in five years?”. It’s more about listening to […]

Marketing is a product

I’ve worked as both a head of marketing and a product lead, but sometimes the two are absolutely separated and viewed as completely different domains and disciplines. This is a fallacy. Marketing is a product. Your marketing strategy/rollout is a cohesive creation, including brand, messaging, content, etc., but also built on top of multiple platforms: […]

Accordion, St. Francis Madera School for the Blind

This photograph was taken in Madera, Soroti, Uganda at an extraordinary school run by and housing extraordinary people. The visually impaired in East Africa don’t have a lot of choices and often face abandonment or worse. St. Francis is a boarding school by necessity. One of the ways the kids (ranging from 3 to late […]