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Committing to Culture & Lunar New Year

Brooklyn is an exhilaratingly diverse community, and the borough’s NBA team has always been committed to reflecting that. This year we were able to dedicate additional resources to game presentation and creative – and our first move was to double down on cultural platforms. Here, the week after Pride Night, you see us kicking off […]

Brooklyn Nets Celebrate Pride

Last night, the Nets celebrated Pride. It’s a special year – the 50th anniversary of Stonewall is upon us and World Pride is coming to New York in June. Naturally, we turned Barclays Center into a rainbow. The Marketing, Community Relations, and Community teams crushed it on this one, integrating a special pre-game panel, custom […]

We Go Biggie-er

Today we unveiled this. Our Brooklyn Nets 2018 City Edition uniform. More than an alternate uniform, it’s an integrated marketing platform rooted in Brooklyn culture – an homage to Christopher Wallace and the impact he had both on our borough and globally. The City Edition Jersey is an opportunity for teams to shout out to […]

Look, It’s a Plane! A Custom Plane. We Go Big.

Today, at JetBlue’s JFK hangar, we revealed a core piece of our City Edition Jersey integrated marketing platform (and one of the biggest pieces of OOH advertising I’ve ever bought ;-)). As a natural extension of the Nets’ and Barclays Center’s brand partnership with JetBlue, our custom livery Airbus A320, named “BK Blue”, will fly […]

The unreachables

It’s a rare meeting, pitch, or roadmap that doesn’t involve “reaching millennials”. The term, coined in 1987, was meant to refer to people coming of age in the new millennium – originally those of us born circa 1982. Most sources still define millennials as born within a twenty-year period beginning in the early 80’s. This may […]

What’s in a name? Experts weigh in on challenges of rebranding.

A dive into rebranding – cover story from New Orleans City Business leading with my Lucid rebrand. I’d link, but it’s 100% paywalled. Short take: it takes a lot of self-knowledge to rebrand really well. Article by Natalie Chandler. Originally published in NOCB on July 28, 2016. Things had become a bit confusing at Federated […]

Do Not Touch

Just back from CES, the massive electronics/tech show in Vegas. I was walking through the 3D printing exhibits (still cool to see) and noticed one company had a whole shelf of beautifully made items front and center – with a large sign saying “Please Do Not Touch”. Most of the other booths were full of […]