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F’ing awesome: Let’s Meet: How to Prevent Big Companies from Wasting Your Startup’s Time http://t.co/UnzguoZH1J via @hunterwalk — elizabeth brooks (@elizabrooks) October 15, 2014

No Cameras Allowed

See “No Cameras Allowed” by Marcus Haney (the dude who did “Connaroo – How Broke Kids Do Bonnaroo”). It captures the essence of the live music experience. Like Ferris Bueller at a festival. This is the original trailer before MTV picked up rights. If it disappears off the interwebs, let me know 😉  

You can’t create if you’re focused on survival

One of the principles of microfinance is that, by extending credit, microlenders allow people to get out of a bare-survival relationship with moneylenders: a situation where subsistence is all that’s achievable. This blocks entrepreneurship. Extending credit allows the “breathing room” for a human being to actually start a business and grow it. This is why […]