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The mobile chasm

Having been intensely steeped over the past year in advertising-based digital brand businesses, I have been walking two companies through this. The mobile chasm is simply this: Any native digital media brand (read: a company that began as a website or group of websites, and that sells advertising as its primary revenue stream) is now […]


Remember “the audience is listening”? No longer applicable. If you define an audience as a group of people who are only, or even primarily, watching and/or listening, then there’s no such thing as an audience anymore. Photo by Pieter Musterd. Creative Commons.

How to understand social

There is a perception that social media is an extension of digital marketing, and this makes it frightening new territory for people who don’t see themselves as digital. But it’s not the same as learning code or even learning to troubleshoot your laptop or hook up a home system. There’s a reason it’s called social. […]

Open it up

Ideas are an inexhaustible resource. Some people prefer to keep their ideas close to the vest, in fear that they will be stolen. Most ideas benefit from the sunlight of sharing. An idea that passes through the hands of a few smart, creative thinkers is bound to be made all the better for it.


Conversation around brands isn’t any different than conversation at a cocktail party. The most interesting one will have the most conversation and leave the greatest impression. (The trainwreck will leave an impression, too, but it’s not the one you’re looking for.) Would you talk to your mom with that mouth? Photo by Mo Riza. Creative […]