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Advertising: Native or Creative?

As so many brands struggle to get beyond digital display, we field a lot of requests for “native” campaigns. Do you want native, or creative? We just ran an amazing campaign for the Sims that was a wrap-around, overlay, 3-D effect page takeover. It’s an awesome campaign. It’s not native advertising. It’s creative advertising. Native […]

Marketers are Bad, Bad People (loooong post)

From Paul Carr’s TechCrunch piece on integrated advertising, especially on Twitter (the piece is wonderfully entitled NSFW: Give Me Ad-Free Conversation or Give Me Death (Please RT): A tweet isn’t a “piece of content”. It isn’t editorial. No matter whether we’re talking about what we’re having for lunch or suggesting a new movie or sharing […]

Same as it ever was.

It’s remarkable to me that the conversations around digital music remain pretty much identical to the conversations we had in 2000, when Napster was supposedly taking over the world. I showed this Atlantic monthly article by the very smart Charles Mann, which I loved, to someone very close to me who wasn’t around in the […]

Why Online's Unbeatable; or, why the Grateful Dead legacy has more life than newspapers

It’s accepted wisdom by now that newsprint as it has existed for centuries is headed towards extinction. The Web is more immediate; TV seems more personal. But stepping away from the newsroom towards the cultural beat, here’s a lifestyle example of why printed matter cannot compete with the Internet. . This article, about the vast […]