We Go Biggie-er

Today we unveiled this. Our Brooklyn Nets 2018 City Edition uniform. More than an alternate uniform, it’s an integrated marketing platform rooted in Brooklyn culture – an homage to Christopher Wallace and the impact he had both on our borough and globally.

The City Edition Jersey is an opportunity for teams to shout out to their home town: to highlight something special about the city, something that resonates with fans, and to step out of line a bit. Playing with the identity is encouraged – time to experiment.

Biggie meant a lot to the world, but he especially meant a lot to Brooklyn. We were fortunate enough to work with the Wallace family on this project and to have the very enthusiastic support of our partner Nike.

Check our reveal below.

The North Face goes experiential…and the bottom drops out

Awesome instore activation from The North Face Korea. What will a customer do when the floor literally disappears? Luckily there’s a climbing wall…it’s North Face, after all.