RealD Identity

Creative and art direction, visual language, full style guide

We needed to recreate the visual identity for the global leader in 3D cinema to convey consumer-friendliness, suggest powerful and fun visual experiences, and harmonize with a wide range of studio and consumer electronics marketing materials.

Here we have customized letter forms and an expansion on the “d” to convey dimension and expansion of experience. The use of lower case conveys accessibility and the unconventional forms attract the eye. This logo very often coexists with competitive logos such as IMAX® 3D and with strong visual marcomm such as that created by major partners Disney and Dreamworks Animation.

To be honest, I feel this logo is still unfinished and needs further refinement, but I am still proud of it and it was one of my first opportunities to work with my mentor, Marc Gobé. It’s also a major improvement on the old logo. Logo design by Desgrippes-Gobé (now part of Landor).