The Greatest Gig in the Sky: Pink Floyd “Dark Side of the Moon” Interactive Global Streaming Event

Co-creative direction and concept, project management, YouTube strategic partnership creation and management

To celebrate the release of the “Immersion” box set of Dark Side, in late 2011, we worked with Beyond to build a YouTube brand channel, using the YouTube Chromeless player, that would house a unique consumer experience. Every hour, on the hour, we streamed a previously unreleased live show (from Wembley, 1974) featuring Dark Side of the Moon played in its entirety in a way fans had never before heard. We restored the band’s original concert projections/films to as near HD quality as possible, added new filmic pieces, and integrated real-time social conversation into the actual stream, making it a truly interactive event. Millions of viewers loved this project, and it drove a strong lift in music sales.