Live Nation Live

Original concept, wireframes, original designs, creative direction, technical systems integration

One of the amazing things about Live Nation Entertainment is is the synergy of the four main business units: Concerts, Ticketing, Artist Nation (management), and Advertising/Sponsorships. All drive human experiences – every minute of every day, around the globe.
I thought it would be powerful to show the 24/7 international flow of our business: every moment a tour is announced, a ticket is sold, an artist steps on stage….we say (and it is true) “Every 20 minutes somewhere in the world there’s a Live Nation event”. I wanted to show this. Live (because that’s our biz). And in as close to real time as we could get.

This wasn’t easy to design. The visuals were the simplest part. Behind the scenes this map integrates sixteen global ticketing and touring feeds, a moderation system, a time delay, and the necessary “hazing” to ensure that no confidential information is revealed and no financial data can be gleaned from the map. It requires its own sequestered server setup.
I love using technology to convey excitement, experience, and emotion.

Final design comps (two visualizations seen here) by the completely awesome New Science Agency. Launching in 2015.