As a pioneering executive in consumer-facing Internet, Elizabeth Brooks has been a leader in the digital revolution that has altered consumer behavior, the way we experience entertainment, the way we market, and how we lead. Elizabeth’s experience in brand creation and development, marketing strategy, and the changes wrought by technology enables her to engage with brands and consumers in new ways.

“Napster is the fastest growing brand in history, due in no small part to the joining of Elizabeth Brooks at the very beginning. She was one of the first people in the record industry to realize that the business model was changing and sought out Napster to be part of the revolution. There she changed the face of an emerging industry. Her plan of positioning Napster and the record industry as ‘David and Goliath’ grew the company from under a million to 70M in nine short months. She used the press to creatively build the brand and made history! Napster would not have been Napster without her. We didn’t go from hundreds of thousands of users to 70 million by accident. It required expert brand management, PR, creativity, and a deft, confident hand. Elizabeth could run any brand, or any company!”
Eileen Richardson, CEO, Napster

Elizabeth’s consumer Internet and branding career began in 1999, when, as a senior A&R executive at Sony Music Entertainment, charged with keeping the pulse of youth and consumer culture, she became convinced that the next revolution in music and entertainment was technology. Elizabeth joined the fledgling Napster, Inc., as Vice President, Marketing. As a founding management team member and Napster’s first and only head of marketing, Elizabeth managed all aspects of the brand from one million to over seventy million registered users. She created all messaging for Napster and ran an enormously successful media strategy for one of the most publicized technology businesses in history. Elizabeth executed all of Napster’s strategic partnerships.

After the closure of Napster, Elizabeth held positions at BMG Music Publishing (Vice President, Creative) and at, where she restructured the existing digital music store and integrated it into the home site with an over 30% increase in sales. Elizabeth established and evolved industry-wide digital policies, including digital rights management and licensing policies. She also created several successful marketing campaigns across varying industries leveraging the power of the digital consumer.

“I had the pleasure of working with Elizabeth on the latest albums by System Of A Down, while at StreetWise. She developed a solid, new-media based marketing strategy to re-engage System fans worldwide and couldn’t have pulled it off any better. Kudos!”
Kyle Mortensen, GM, StreetWise Concepts & Culture

Elizabeth moved into the mobile platform space in 2004, renaming and rebranding a newly venture-funded shell company as GoTV Networks, one of the first mobile video providers. The company became a leader in the space and was named Fortune “Breakout Company of the Year” within months of the rebrand. As EVP, Marketing, at GoTV, Elizabeth innovated product placement and brand partnerships in mobile television, creating partnerships with Procter & Gamble and Nintendo, among others.

“Elizabeth’s GoTV work was awesome and she truly created a brand we could all be excited about!”
David Bluhm, CEO, GoTV Networks

Elizabeth continued to build brands and business strategies as a consulting Chief Marketing Officer. From 2007 to 2008, Elizabeth served as Chief Marketing Officer at 3D experience provider RealD. Elizabeth repositioned RealD from a pure tech play to a consumer-oriented entertainment technology company and created highly successful long-term marketing partnerships with DreamWorks SKG and Warner Pictures.

“Elizabeth is a stellar executive who did great work in renaming and rebranding our wi-fi social networking company and in creating a strong go-to-market strategy. Her identity work was strong and well thought out and garnered excellent response. Elizabeth is very creative, yet bottom line- and execution-driven.”
Arnon Kohavi, CEO, WeFi

Elizabeth launched a marketing practice in 2009, with a focus on consumer-facing Internet strategies. This led to a longer-term consultancy role at EMI Music as Head of Digital Marketing, working with the label’s marquee brands, including Pink Floyd and The Beatles. Elizabeth was involved with The Beatles’ iTunes launch and ongoing marketing, and led the North American marketing strategy for a massive suite of Pink Floyd rereleases. As support to this initiative, she built out the Pink Floyd social presence and launched a YouTube brand channel including an interactive, realtime-social, exclusive concert and film that garnered raves from both viewers and YouTube.

Elizabeth is currently Chief Marketing Officer at Buzzmedia, a top 40 US comScore property with over forty leading digital brands in the music and entertainment verticals.

Elizabeth lives in Los Angeles with her husband Brett and their Poochin dog.