Songs in FLAC


Surfing wipeouts


SL1200 turntables

I grew up loving music and building science fair projects that usually exploded or soaked everything in sight (I tried to build a wave). It’s probably not surprising that I ended up doing so much work at the intersection of media and technology, and with disruptive business concepts.

My first job was as a club DJ, seven years before I could legally drink in that club. I was at school in Massachusetts, and I skipped out to spin in NYC every weekend that I could.

I was crazy lucky and got a job in the actual music industry, first as a product manager and then as an A&R executive. I watched an empire built on love of and respect for talent decline and fall, and then I followed a cool guy named Shawn Fanning into a notorious tech startup.

That was pretty much it for me.

I learned a lot at Napster and honed that learning in a few more startups, getting my financial and operational chops. I value those first lessons most of all, because Napster taught me, partly the hard way, to always stand up for the right decision for the business. 

I started as a marketer and a brand builder. Now I build strategies, digital and overall (because they’re the same thing), for interesting businesses.

I work across platforms and love to work with immersive technologies; I think the best work happens when you let go of “digital/not digital” thinking.

Creativity and achieving good change are incredibly important to me. So is execution.